Dr. Burks treats adults with a variety of presenting problems. She works with people who are experiencing changes in their lives (career change, divorce, relationship issues, job loss, and infertility), depression, anxiety, and stress. Dr. Burks has a special interest in Health Psychology and Mind/Body Relationships.


Adolescence is a difficult time as so much change is taking place in their bodies and in their lives. Often adolescents struggle with anger, rebellion against authority, identity issues, self-esteem, peer pressure, academic problems, and substance abuse. Treatment is focused on identifying developmental issues that need to be addressed, and helping the adolescent to successfully negotiate them. Because adolescents often have strained relationships with their parents, treatment often involves their parents, and/or significant family members. Dr. Burks treats adolescents 13 years and up.


Dr. Burks works from an affordable, private practice fee schedule. Due to difficulties in dealing with managed care companies and drawbacks to consumers that managed care companies pose, Dr. Burks only participates in a limited number of these programs. She is very willing to assist her clients in gaining reimbursement from their PPO or POS companies, by providing relevant receipts and paperwork. For more information on fees for therapy and assessment, please contact Dr. Burks or Lesley Battista at (713) 465-8560.