My family slumbers as I meditate.

I tie bows on my trusty Saucony’s and slip out of my sanctuary into the morning air.

The neighborhood is amazingly different at this early morning hour.

The cats barely acknowledge my passing presence with their adopted nocturnal personas of fearlessness.

The occasional car goes by on autopilot barely stopping for stop signs; the driver hurling newspapers this way and that.

I can almost taste the bacon as its scent hangs in the humid air by one house, goes in through my nostrils and spreads through my body, magnified by warm primal memory associations.

The plaintive call of a screech owl goes out as it leaves its perch on a street sign post, warning friends in arshot to beware of the intruder.

By now, my rhythmic breathing cuts through the air like a horse heaving after an intense race.The sweat on my forehead drips down and I wipe the droplets on my t-shirt.

Then, down the home stretch to the end of my early morning mystical run.
Robin J. Burks, Ph.D.


Wide Awake: The Transforming Power of Authenticity

By: Robin J. Burks, Ph.D.

It’s difficult to condense my manuscript Wide Awake: The Transforming Power of Authenticity into one or two paragraphs here as a teaser for the book. I think of the type of “spiritual awakening” that I went through and that I wrote about in Wide Awake as an experience that is multisensory and that unfolds and gradually lifts one up to higher levels of human development and potential.

Why not imagine yourself walking barefoot along a tree lined path with the scent of nature and new growth infusing your breathing and the taste of butterscotch sunshine on your tongue.